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Alfred H Birds scare guests. Blue Change everyone's shirt blue. Brown Change everyone's shirt brown. Orange Change everyone's shirt orange.

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Pink Change everyone's shirt pink. White Change everyone's shirt white. Blonde Change everyone's shirt yellow. Eggman Dinosaur eggs hatch faster. Adam Levesque Get all animal shelters. Bill Gates Guest donates a lot of money. Boogyman male guests only Make children guests upset.

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Russell Make fences deteriorate. Stinky Make guests sick. Zeta Psi Make guests puke. Hank Howie Research all staff research automatically. Bill Clinton The demand for hamburgers goes up. Andrew Binder Unlock all animal houses and types. Lou Catanzaro Unlock all animal toys. Charlie Peterson Unlock all foliage. Ron Propst Unlock dinosaur foliage research program. Steve Serafino Unlock endangered animals. Rich Uncle Pennybags Gain a small amount of money.

Dinoman Unlock all dinosaurs.

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Give your workers the following names for the desired effect. George W. Jonathan Gilmour male zookeeper He becomes the Ultimate Zookeeper. Give your animals the following names for the desired effect. Unicorn Larry Get size of a Dinosaur. Panda Blackly Unlock Red Panda.

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Yeti Bentley Turn into Spyro's friend Bentley. Penguin Sgt. Byr Turn into Spyro's friend Sgt. Byrd the flying penguin. Byrd Fly Fly out of your zoo. Wait for the dude to come. When he does, he will go on your porch to give you the pizza.

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DON'T answer him!! He will eventually leave and the pizza will be on your porch. Do this as many times as you like because the pizza never goes stale! Whenever your sim is hungry, just eat pizza! Motivedecay off That will stop the mood where ever it is and it won't go down.

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  8. That way the mood will be full. Type in motherlode as many times as you would like.

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    I typed it in where i had over 1 million simaleons. Then you find a dream house. Then you can type in the cheat window freerealestate, but sometimes this one does not work, it only works sometimes I have no clue why. Then when you buy your house you can pause the game again and press motherlode some more.

    Then, if the mother of the family is pregnant, and you do not want only one child, type in the cheat box forcetwins. That will make the mother have 2 babies instead of one. I have a few more cheats, but I have to go, so if you want to know more, email me at banditluvr08 yahoo.

    Cheat: Submitted by: Kayla I can believe none of u have this. Ok, when your in the neiborhood press crtl,shift,c and type familyfunds last name of family however much money you would like for them to have you could put anything! I normally put but put wat ever you want to. Then shift-left-click the sim you want and look for the caption selection that says make vampire.

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    If it's not there, then go to "More Before you make your sim a vampire, keep in mind that you'll need a coffin during the day so that your sim doesn't die. Or if you have the select hour cheat just select the hour to am before it gets to am Hope you got something out of this and I'll try to put up some more cheats Friends: Submitted by: michaelkralik Email: mckralik yahoo.

    All my cheats: Submitted by: Sam These are the ones I use Adding a Family Member: Submitted by: Rilak First, you have to actually have a family. Then look for "Tombstone of L and D" when the options pop up. Hard- Go in the downtown as a female at night, go to all sorts of the creepy sounding places. Sooner or later might take a few days You will find a vampire male.

    I have only seen two vampire males before, I dont know how many there are in all. Make them either lovers or good friend, after a while ask the vampire to move in, if they say yes they will bite your sim and your sim will become a vampire. Vamprocillin-D will cure them. Go onto the more But doing the code again and using the shift cheat and then go on More If you use the cheat and then exit the game, when you come back you have to type it all again.

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    7. The code will be inactive. Email me if you would like to know more about it, I am an oasis of knowledge. Try lots of stuff i enjoy the sim modder. To get to sim modder: Click Spawn A random baby will pop up. Its a cheat filled baby. Have fun! The bar will turn with and Fill up it only last like 3 days in the sim game though then you do it agian. Make your sims eat air: Submitted by: Dolally To make your sims eat air, you will need to Ctrl shift and c to open up the cheat window.

      Go to the buy menu and move your sim away from the table. Cheats for you! The cheatbox will then give you all the cheats that work on your sims 2 game!!!! CTRL,shift,c type in "maxmotives" without the "'s. Their health will go up completly. Use it any time when needed! Well, either my pizza dude is a meanie, or it just doesn't work for everyone.

      What you do, is go to build, take the pizza, and delete the pizza guy. He will drive up again, and you can take it again, and delete him or his car. He's so stupid he will do it forever. Take as many as you like! You'll get twins!